The New Books! 53 & 54!

Top - Book 53rd - That Is The Way It Is! - 

Below - Book 54th - Still That Is The Way It Is! - 

The books contain all the articles and topics that I had posted in My Websites Blogs and The Social Media since the 52nd book.

The books are a bird’s eye view on all about all my books and from all my varied articles to date! The books produced here are in main part linked to me as Majid aka as Magic – Magic Man as the pseudonym I used in ‘The Forums’! Also interestingly, the article – Why Do They Call You Magic? Also Who Is Majid? And My Epitaph! The articles are also about My Family and My Late Parents – Peace Be Upon Them!

I hope you will like reading about me!

More information books websites or here 

December 26th, 2016